C900-34 Silver Knob
C900-34 Silver Knob

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Model: C900-34
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Price:  $41.95  $36.95 

This jazzy silver knob, top hat, walking cane is a favorite for men attending formal events. This item is light-weight and stylish with an everlasting classic designed knob handle. The black lacquered wood shaft makes the shiny silver handle pop. These walking canes can be cut to fit the users’ height for a more comfortable fit. A nylon wrist strap comes attached to these walking canes to prevent the cane from falling; it also frees the users’ hands when needed. These walking canes come with a high quality, steel inserted, rubber tip installed.

  • Beautiful all natural wood construction
  • Each cane is double lacquered for duarability
  • Includes wrist strap
  • 250-lb weight capacity
  • 36-inch height

Wrist strap is included! $6.00 Value!

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