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Custom Canes

Our custom cane or walking stick comes up in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Whether you need it for medical reasons or as a fashion accessory, come to our website and explore it. A customcane is something that the user will hold in his/her hand and carry it, sometimes for long periods of time. We offer professionally designed items ensuring they fitcomfortably in the hand, moves easily and naturally, and provides the strength needed to support the user.The item is not only needed for keeping one stable, but also has a history of being a fashion statement.

TheCaneDepot is the only destination that offers its customers wide assortments of customized men and women canes. The online store with its experienced resources designs canes that are elegant, durable, lightweight, stylish, easy to carry and thoughtful. Apart from providing proper support while walking and standing, the custom canes for men last longer and assure value for money. Being a reputed and known company, it customizes canes to meet specific color, handle design, height, and material requirement.

Our goal is to provide a sturdy, functional and attractive cane so that our users can wear with confidence and pride. We do not leave any stone unturned to bring a unique and exclusive item that stands on every parameter of reliability, functionality and usefulness. With our emergence in the industry, we have replaced ugly and flimsy canes with sturdy, attractive and comfortable ones. Furthermore, we also offer accessories such as cane stands, cane holders, cane covers and cane straps.

The esteemed online store has begun with a mission: to provide cane users with a fashionable and luxurious option when in need of a custom cane. We have revolutionized the industry by introducing a number of latest items at leading rates. In addition,we feel proud to say that we have the largest selection of retail walking or custom canes available anywhere in the world. Given the exquisiteness and functionality of these latest custom canes, it is no surprise that a pool of our customers turn into cane collectors. Despite of the products, our services are also customer friendly making us able to retain our existing customers.

Most Custom canes are always in-stock, Some are made to order and can take up to 5 days to make.

C440 Chrome Diamond Cut

C450 White Straw

C450 Prisoner of War

C450 American Camo

C450 Canadian Maple

C450 Skull-2

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