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Brighten your stroll using a hiking stick with style. An adjustable aluminum hiking stick is an ideal walking aide, for helping to steady your footing during hikes, when walking your dog, and is also great for protection from wild animals if you live near a wooded area. This model adjusts easily to fit the user. A foam grip is attached to this hiking stick which prevents your hand from slipping down the pole and also makes your grasp a more comfortable one. Use the free wrist strap that is attached to hang the pole from your wrist when you need your hands free. For your safety a rubber tip is installed on each hiking stick prior to shipping.

Enhance your hiking experience by using our hiking stick with style. Walking or hiking with our hiking sticks can give you an extra point of stability. Keeping in mind requirement of a number of people, we are offering folding walking stick or collapsible walking stick that are good looking despite of long lived. Features you need to consider include grip comfort, weight, adjustable height, folding for storage, camera mount, etc. for the tips. Or, you may consider ourclassic wooden stick. Despite of a great for protection from wild animals, it complements your personality.

We provide latest and modern trekking sticks that are standard equipment for a host of hikers, trekkers, backpackers and snowshoers. The item enhancestheir stability and support on all types of terrain.When considering for the products, your key considerations should be weight, price, shock absorption, look, shaft construction and the type of grip. Most of our models adjust easily to fit the user. 

Features of using Hiking Sticks

•    Provide better balance and footing.
•    Reduce the amount of stress on legs and joints.
•    Increase endurance.
•    Transfer some weight to your shoulders, arms and back.
•    Reduce leg fatigue and add thrust to your ascents.
•    Assist to establish a walking rhythm.
•    Climb hills better.

Care and maintenance of the Hiking Sticks

Since we provide high quality and durable items, they are easy to care and use. Rust, corrosion, wear and tear are some of the worst enemies of the sticks, but proper care and maintenance can keep your poles in tip top condition. Proper use if the item can reduce the pressure on your legs, knees, feet and back.  

How to order Hiking Sticks online?

We are a reputed and know online seller, so just explore our website and choose one you like the most. Once you place your order, you will get the item home delivered within 2 working days. We also provide warrantee and guarantee services. If you receive a damaged item, you can refund it easily. Our customer care department works round the clock, so if you have any confusion get it cleared now. Anyone can reach us either by writing an email or calling us directly.


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