Offset Handle

Aluminum Offset walking canes are popular among cane users because of the comfortable foam cushion grip, light-weight and adjustable capabilities. The Offset walking cane is designed in such a way that the users’ weight is equally distributed over the shaft and bowing is not an issue. Each offset walking cane comes with a high-quality, slip resistant rubber tip installed.


C250 Blue Butterfly

C250 785 Cheetah

C250 DOGS2

C250 Paisley

C250 Flowers

C250 Golf

C250 Smiley

C250 Cats2

C250 Palm2

C250 Hummingbird Silver

C250 Red Marble

C250 Bill Fish

C250 Camo

C250 Blue Marble

C250 555 Cheetah

C250 Grey Marble

C250 Pink Butterfly

C150 Black

C250 Nautical

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