Pillow Grip Handle

Pillow grip walking canes, where style meets comfort! The cushioned pillow grip feels like your hand rests upon a cloud when using this walking cane. This patented design was designed and trademarked by our in house design team. The idea is to give our customers the most comfortable experience possible when having to use a walking cane. This unisex design comes in a variety of colorful patterns. Each aluminum cane is adorned with a shiny, brass colored, collar. The adjustable capability of this walking cane makes this a great gift idea in the event you do not know the size walking cane needed for the recipient or when a user may have varying heel heights. A removable wrist strap is sent as a free gift with each of these walking canes. When in use, a wrist strap helps to prevent your walking cane from being dropped and also allows the user to have their hands free when needed. For added safety a high quality, slip resistant, 18mm rubber tip is installed on this walking cane prior to shipping.

C225 Silver Hummingbird

C225 Paisley

C225 Black Hummingbird

C225 Grey Marble

C225 Red Hat

C225 Blue Marble

C225 Black

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